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Silverbird – Pureland LP

Release Date: September 18, 2015
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Album Review

Pureland was recorded completely in live takes in the studio which proved both amazing and nerve wracking. The inspiration for the debut came from Barr leaving his day job, breaking up with his girlfriend and heading to a monastery. Barr in describing his retreat to the monastery states,” I was there about a weekend and I just started shitting out songs.” Upon Barr’s return the band added their input to the songs reflecting the stylish diversity of the entire band; while trying to avoid the egocentric urges that can make for conflict and kill creativity.

The pensive pop quartet kicks off the album with Running which is pop poetry with a bounce. It has a heady energy and is reminiscent of the Violent Femmes with it’s off kilter observations about life and love. “Your pale skin pulls me into a blizzard of oblivion.” The pop goodness of the song sticks with you like chewing gum stuck to your shoe. The engaging track Brooklyn has a trippy swirling feel with lovely Jeff Buckley guitar riffs and echoes of The Cure and early circa “Pablo Honey” Radiohead. The song builds and builds to an amazing finish with Barr’s evocative falsetto delivering the goods.
- Lori Gava (XS Noize)