Noisey New Music [Premiere]

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Atlantic City is slowly dying, bit by bit. What was once a place of pleasure and excitement has become a skeleton of what was once a getaway from the banalities of living in a huge corporate city like New York. It’s now become a hub of crime and drug use, warding off people who may have come before. But that’s not to say it’s an empty city, as the new video from Silverbird explores.

Silverbird is a band from New York City that plays airy, fun and detailed indie rock. On their new record Pureland, they tackle nearly every place the genre can go, never better illustrated in their new video for “Running.” The song follows a very good and talented Elvis impersonator and his wife as they travel through Atlantic City doing various things and tasks. He’s still kicking, playing shows for empty rooms and in his motel room, while his wife dances wildly. Silverbird’s music is a funny contrast, the super sleek and cool cosmopolitan kind of indie rock breezes and twists its way through the video. It gives a sight of what the city is like these days whether its on the beach or in front of two of the only businesses left standing.

Watch the video for “Running,” and listen to the band’s new LP Pureland right here.

Written by: John Hill

Sep 25 2015